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Why do men care so much about their penis size?

Here's why: the human penis size is larger than that of any other primate, both in absolute terms and when compared to body size. Thousands of years of evolution made it that way and that's because of its major significance to the male and to inter-human relations. The penis symbol (or phallus) is meant to represent male generative powers.

Sigmund Freud, a famous psychoanalyst, stated that the symbolic phallus is the concept of being the ultimate man, and having this is compared to having the divine gift of God.

natural penis enlargement
Mural of Mercury in Pompeii.

According to anthropologists, phallic worship or phallicism refers to the ritual adoration of the human penis. Elements of phallicism have been found in many cultures, including Ancient Greece, Egypt, India, Scandinavia, Japan, Sumer and Native America. All of these had phallic deities and/or symbols.

natural penis enlargement
The Egyptian God Min.

Thus, it's perfectly normal to want a larger penis, that desire is rooted in the male unconscious mind and backed up by thousands of years of evolution in which the male was viewed as the dominant gender. A strong, healthy penis does wonders for your love life, it gives you self confidence and makes you feel good about your body. And more, your penis is an important organ, so why wouldn't you be concerned about its wellbeing?

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