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Penis enlargement principle

Many cultures practiced various methods in order to enlarge penises. Some say the first penis pump was invented by Sean Di Ciccio in the early 1800s. Margaret Mead, a famous anthropologist, while studying traditions of Polynesian tribes found that many men increased their penis with the help of sleeves made of plant fiber that was placed on the penis on one side and then a heavy object was used to stretch it on the other side.

Both penis enlargement exercises and devices, whether traction devices or pumps, work by stretching the tissue that makes up the penis. The aim of this procedure is to force the tissue to respond to stretching by expanding, which would enable it to hold more blood during erections. While this approach to penis enlargement is safe when done correctly, there are still a couple of things to keep in mind.

There are no muscles in the penis and therefore strength/effort training and exercise cannot increase its size. Natural penis enlargement established itself as the number one proven method to develop the size of your penis.

Your penis consists of three main areas, two large chambers on the top (corpora cavernosa) and one smaller chamber on the bottom (corpus spongisum). When you increase an erection your penis fills with blood, filling all these chambers. The corpus spongisum is the chamber used generally when you urinate and ejaculate.

natural penis enlargement
Transverse penis section.

The corpora cavernosa on the other hand, is the main blood holding chamber of the penis, here is where 90% of all blood is stored each and whenever you increase an erection.

Basically, this means it is not possible for your penis to get larger by itself, because the blood that fills the penis is already filling the maximum size of the corpora cavernosa. The only real method of penis enlargement is to correctly improve and increase your corpora cavernosa. This is only likely through the use of dedicated exercises, devices, pills and techniques made especially for penile growth and development.

The principle behind penis enlargement is currently used in plastic surgery! How? The regeneration of the new tissue is used to cover burns, areas of hair loss, coetaneous defects. It is also successfully used in orthopedic surgery to enlarge diaphyisis of long bones and phalanges.

natural penis enlargement
Giraffe neck Paduang woman.

This principle is not a modern discovery! Some ancient cultures used it to enlarge different parts of body: the neck of the Giraffe women of the Paduang tribe in Burma, lips and ears of some African or Amazonian tribes.

Your penis can be enlarged, too, which the same easy, natural penis described above! And the device which uses the most natural principle of enlargement is the unique Sizegenetics™ Extender (click for review)!


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