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Penis enlargement surgery

Penis surgery or phalloplasty refers to the (re-)construction of a penis or, sometimes, to artificial modification of the penis by surgery, often for cosmetic purposes.

penis enlargement surgery

  • Safety: 77%
  • Increment: 30%-60%
  • Price range: 4000-20000 USD
  • Recommended: If you choose this method, we recommend you consult a plastic surgeon face-to-face and fully discuss to full extent the advantages and risks of this procedure.

Length as well as circumference can be enhanced, an inch to two and a half inches (~2,5 cm to ~5,5 cm) longer and up to 50% thicker (except for the head).

The length you achieve can't be predetermined before the surgery, it all depends on how much length you have inside the pubic bone being supported by ligaments that the surgeon cuts detaching the penis from the pubic bone, allowing the penis to extend fully from the body. The angle of the erection will be less acute, you will lose at least some control.

As far as girth (thickness) enhancement goes you have a few options: free fat transfer, dermal fat grafts, AlloDerm.

With free fat transfer your own fat is gathered using liposuction then the fat cells are treated to help reduce the chance of absorption and then transferred into your penis.

The dermal graft technique is the most invasive of the options because skin is removed from a donor site somewhere on your body and then treated and transferred to your penis.

The AlloDerm technique is the least invasive as well as the most expensive because you have to buy the AlloDerm (processed cadaver tissue) and then it is "installed" into your penis much like a dermal graft. Obviously it is the least invasive because it's not your own body supplying the material for enhancement.

Studies show that AlloDerm is the easiest to remove if something goes wrong, but other then that there is way to much contradictory information out there to say one is really a better choice then the other.

The laser assisted approach would be recommended so you have less scar tissue and a smaller scar. If you have pubic hair then that should camouflage the scar almost completely. It seems that the most complications come from excess scar tissue forming and sometimes even reducing length. Avoid any surgeons that still use the Z,V,Y or U incision.

The risk of infection is approximately 6%, which results in longer periods of antibiotic usage and excess scar formation. Redoes are about 5%, so if you are not satisfied, with the results this may require more money and longer healing, no pun intended. With Fat Transfer it is quite possible to develop irregularities in the shaft area, resulting in a lumpy appearance. You can re-injure yourself or impede healing if you use it too soon. Take care and listen to your surgeon's advice. There is a small chance of hematoma.

In conclusion, penis enlargement surgery is dangerous, expensive and intrusive. If you're looking for a gentle, natural approach in which your own body can set the limits, the solution is: SizeGenetics™ (click for full review of the system).